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When your Secret is Spoken

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Apr. 28th, 2014 | 09:35 am
posted by: dervishspin in dailyrumi

This is your moment,
a drumbeat of faithfulness.

Red flowers open.
Grapes are being crushed into wine.
Soul and rational clarity sit down together at your table.
All desire wants is a taste of you.

The two realities are two small villages in your world.
Everyone longs for your presence.
As we start to step up, your ladder arrives.

You say I am more compassionate
than your mother or your father.
I will make medicine out of your pain.
From your smoke I create new constellations.

I tell you everything,
and yet I do not say it all,
because my friend, it is better
when your secret is spoken by you.

Version by Coleman Barks

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