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Daily Rumi

"Love is the religion, the universe its book"

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Daily Rumi is a simple idea - a little of Rumi's writing delivered to you every day. Nothing more, nothing less.

Daily Rumi concentrates on Rumi's spiritual writing. As much as possible, poems will be presented in their entirety. Especially long poems may be broken into stanzas and posted over a successively, over a series of days.

You are of course invited to comment and discuss each poem, being respectful and kind, naturally. ;-) Please feel free to share your own reactions and share information about Rumi and his ideas. When sharing information about Rumi, his ideas, and culture, please consider providing sources whenever possible, so all of us can learn more and make sure we're learning acurate information. If you're own experience is your source, consider sharing why that's valid, if that feels comfortable to you. More than anything, just maintain a pleasant, welcoming, enjoyable conversation.

For the moment, I'll be taking responsibility for posting Daily Rumi. If you're interested in helping me out, do say so. PLEASE COMMENT DIRECTLY TO A DAILY RUMI POST. It's easier for me if you don't email me.

About me:

A while ago, I started longing for a daily feed of bite sized portions of Rumi's writing. I wanted to learn more about Rumi and his experiences, just to see what I might take away from them. I knew that I didn't know much and I was curious to see what I might find.

As I create this community, I want to acknowledge the ways that I am very different from him. I am a white American and a Christian Quaker. It's important to me that I as I read Rumi (and present his writing to you) that I do so in a way that is respectful. As much as possible I want to let Rumi speak of himself. It concerns me deeply that often the ideas of people like Rumi are appropriated (usually by white Westerners), twisted and transformed, instead of understood within their cultural and religious contexts. I hope that I will successfully reduce this tendency and present you with Rumi's own words, in a way that maintains the integrity of his work. If you feel I am not doing so, or have suggestions on what I could do better, please email me if you are comfortable doing so.

The writing of Hafiz also interests me greatly. If possible, in the future I would like to incorporate his work into this community, or start a separate one.

With love,
Moderator of Daily Rumi

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